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JK Délicieux’s Grill is a mobile food truck that services the northeast. Texas region. We serve freshly grilled finger foods in a variety of flavors while adopting different countries cuisine styles. Stay tuned for periodic seasonal menu surprises as well!

Delicieux’s Grill

Travel the world with your taste buds! World wide cuisine of gourmet finger foods made fresh.


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Meet The Chef

Welcome, Happy that you’re stopping by my page! My name is Jennyfer. I am a wife and a mother of 3 beautiful children. I was born and raised in the DRC Congo and moved to the states to further my passion and education. My passion for cooking developed at the young age of 13 while helping my mother cook in her local restaurant back in the Congo. My love for food and my love for helping people collided and birthed a few passions that have led me here. On top of caring for people via food, cooking and allowing them to experience different cuisines, I also developed a passion to care for people beyond their palate. I am a registered nurse and have a passion for educating all people on general health benefits and awareness in order to prolong their life in a healthy fashion. I started a foundation named, “Health Plus Foundation” that does just that. I travel to under developed countries and provide common medical supplies, free education on self-examinations and self-care.